We cant continue like this…

Nigeria today is face with myraid of problems, the most grievous of it all is our uncanny hatred for one another which threatens our continuous existence and is also leading us into an uncomfortable territory .

This week has been a regretful one for every citizen of this country, valuable lives were lost due to negligence of the government in providing a safe road network and ensuring security of lives and property of it citizens.

Beyond the Lamentations, Blames and complaints, we need sit down and look deep down to understand what actualy is fundamentally wrong with us.

We can’t continue like this, No, we can’t pass this baton to our children without cleaning the mess we put ourselves in. We need put an end to this indiscriminate killings, we need put aside our personal animosity for us to live together and survive together.

Our heroes past had fought the good fight and gave us this country, we can’t afford to render their sacrifice a fruitless effort. The survival of this nation depend on our individual person and what sacrifice we are ready to make for the coming generations.


How did we get here…?

I have heard the the older generation talked about the good old days, where life was good and things were working well. Education was of international standard , the Economy was doing well, in fact I think there was a time a pound was equivalent to two naira, but most importantly the moral and societal value was high, and there was mutual respect and tolerance, everyone was his brother and sister’s keeper despite ethnic and religious differences.
In the reality of our society today, the level of moral decadence, the spate of killing, the continual ethno-religious crisis, the backwardness of our economy and the lost of value for human life, are of alarming rate. These increase in social vices has got me wondering on how we got ourselves into this mess, but instead of taking responsibility and make things right, we’ve all resolve to playing the blame game, some argue that the government should be held responsible for our current predicament, others are of the opinion that our religious institutions have left the things they were suppose to do undone, and instead of teaching the right value they now celebrate people and position.
As much as I agree that we have not been lucky when it comes to leadership, and that our religious institutions have not been up and doing, so also i belief that we all are responsible for getting ourselves into this predicament. We allowed ourselves to be used, dumped, re-used and dumped again, we condoned insolence and impudent in the name of ethnic and religious support, we allowed ourselves to be polarized by our diffrences, we left behind our shared societal value just to accept civilisation, we struggle, fight and kill for power at the expense of human lives, we forgot humanity that link us together because of our animosity towards each other.
We need to look withing ourselves individualy and correct our wrongs, cherish the right value and be ready to do the needful to bring back the good old days, that I belief we owe the coming generation.

This too will pass…

A powerful king once assembled all the wise men in his kingdom and ordered them to create a ring that will make him happy when he is sad. After deliberation the sages hand him a simple ring with the words “This too will pass” etched on it, which has the desired effect to make him happy when he is sad. However, it also became a curse for whenever he is happy.

With the spate of incessant killing, Social unrest and Economic Hardship that is so profound in the country this period, lot of people refused to be optimistic of any light at the end of the tunnel. However, all civilized and developed nations experienced a low point at a period in their history, but with due diligence and sheer determination they were able to overcome.

There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter, those that persevere, despite all they’ ve been through, those who still believe there is good in the world. I know all these will pass away and after the rain the sun will shine. We need not give up, it might be a long process but quitting won’t hasten it, we need to remain hopeful, prayerful and most importantly take a step in the right direction , and then,pwe can be sure of a better tomorrow.

When a man looses hope, then he has lost everything. This is the time of our lives that we need be strong for ourself, we can loose trust in the government, yes, we can decide not to belief in the institutions, but we must not loose hope in a better tomorrow, that’s what make life worthwhile.

I preach HOPE


It is disheartening to note how religion, etnicity and political affiliations have polarized Nigerians perceptions of social events and happening.

With the daily increase of educated minds in the country, it is expected that the moral and societal values imbibed over time should reflect in our social interaction , but considering the reality of our contemporary society, no gainsaying our society does not reflect that of an educated, informed and enlightened people.

Most Nigerians do not base their arguments of social issues on the moral and societal values that we all belief in , but we cling so much to our religion, ethnic and political affilation to form our attitude towards social issues.

In an ideal society, people come together to condemn an unacceptable behavior by a person, irrespective of the guity paty’s tribe or religion, because their exist laws that govern the activities of people in a particular society and every individual is expectecd to act in conformity with those laws.

However, in our own case we quickly leap in defence of a person that has been found guity in some of his dealings and mostime this atricious deed are to our own detriment,but due to our absurdity we want to protect our own “person” ,and legal action taken aginst the person is perceived as a conspiracy against our tribe or religion.

Their was a case of a person that was convicted of embezzling nigeria’s public fund by another country, and after serving his term abroad he was welcomed back a hero into the country, i think he was even given a chieftaincy tittle. Now in what light have we shown ourself to the outside world ?.

I belief until we can all come together to celebrate the right values, and condemn the wrong ones in one voice, this evil perpetrators will take advantage of our diffrencies and divisiveness to cloud of sense of judgement and employ us as political tout. Let us all call a spade a spade


A fool can be thought a wise man when he is silent, and silence they said cannot be misinterpreted. For a man of few words, it is expected of him to speak sense the few times he decides to speak.

Over the years, our president has created the impression in the public domain that he is not a fan of using words frivolously, and that is one thing some of us likes about the man. On the other hand, it is surprising to note that the president has been able to stir up controversies the few times he made his thought known to the public, and that has got me wondering if he should even speak at all.

For the person i am, i do not accept an opinion just because its the prevalent public opinion, also i like being fair and unbiase in my analysis of issues in the public domain.

“Nigerian youths are lazy, Uneducated; and dont like to do any work” i could not belief this were the words of our president at first, in fact i had thought the opposition party is responsible for the circulation of this fake news, but my dream was cut short, alas i woke up to reality and saw how we had been portrayed as lazy children who likes freebies and do not want to work for anything by our so called father of the nation.

“Out of the abundance of the mind, the mouth speeketh”If the above statement is a true reflection of the thought of our dear president, i think it will do us both more good than harm if he can just decide not to utter or verbalize his thought for the next few months. We need time to digest this insult.


It is quite unfortunate that the issue of fuel subsidy has become a recurring dilemma in our dear country.

It’s a common knowledge that in the past, oil marketers and some corrupt officials of the oil and gas sector see oil subsidy as a means to enrich themselves.

Up until 2012, many Nigerians do not understand the concept of fuel subsidy. Fuel subsidy in the context of Nigerian situation, refers to the diffrentia payment by the government to oil marketers for the importation of fuel, in order to keep the price of fuel below the landing cost of petrol product.

The current administration announced the removal of petrol subsidy in 2016 and imposed a pump price increase to #145 a litre, with the promise that government resources will be channeled into getting the refineries up and save the trillions of naira the previous government squandered on fuel subsidy payment.

Barely two years down the line, the NNPC Group Managing Director disclosure that fuel subsidy is back into play in the troubled oil sector has left Nigerians confussed.

The federal government in a bid to manage this situation do not want to admit and also cannot deny the resurrection of fuel subsidy in the oil sector, systematically shifted the reponsiblity to the NNPC, which supposedly is an organ of the goverment.

The question now is, if at all the NNPC is responsible for subsidizing the petrolieum product which no provision was made for in the budget, where then is NNPC getting the money and aproval from? .

I must admit that whenever i commit myself to understanding what goes on in this country, the more discovery i make, the more confuse i become. I am sure am not alone in this.

Oladiti Timilehin


If by chance Nigerians have seen or heard the details of the Rwanda genocide, then we might have a rethink on the passage of the Hate Speech Bill.

Like Nigeria, Rwanda is a multi- ethnic nation comprising people of diverse Culture, Language and and belief who lived together as homogeneous community until race disconnected them, religion separated them, politics created a division among them and every other thing fell apart which resulted into the genocide.

Prior to the period of the genocide, the people of Rwanda lived together in peace, everyone tolerated each other irrespective of diffrences in their belief and race, inter- ethnic marriage was a norm and there was no room for discrimination.

Fast forward to few years later, due to the growing polulation of people arise economic crisis and struggle for state power, all the peace experienced became a thing of history.

A major agent of socialization that played an important role in dis- socializing the people was the media, the media instead of enhancing public unity was responsible for disintregrating the people base on ethnicity and religious divide.

With the growing concern over the spate of media generated violence in Nigeria, the Hate Speech Bill ‘might’ just be the tonic we need in our system.

As the wise one said ” a stitch in time saves nine” we can just hope the stitch is applied at the right place.

Timilehin Oladiti